3 best 'last resorts' for Dodgers to address bullpen in free agency

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Adam Ottavino

After two good years with the Mets, Ottavino declined a $6.75 million player option in November and cited the team's lack of leadership at the time as his reason for leaving. The Mets have since remedied that by hiring Carlos Mendoza as manager, and they apparently have reached back out to him about coming to a new agreement, though nothing has come to fruition yet. He's spent the last five seasons on the east coast, with the Yankees, Red Sox, then Mets, but he pitched almost 400 innings in the NL West with the Rockies at the beginning of his career. If he wanted to move back across the country, the Dodgers could consider adding him to the bullpen.

Ottavino is 38, which is a bit old even for a reliever, but he still managed a 2.62 ERA with the Mets and a 2.76 ERA with the Yankees a few years prior, and has reliably given 60+ innings every year since 2018. His age might be the thing that's keeping teams from inking him (none have reported interest so far), but he can still perform at a high level and the Dodgers just signed 35-year-old James Paxton as a starter, so they might not be too worried about age on the whole. Ottavino is worth an estimated $4.8 million per year, which makes him the most affordable player on this list and, accordingly, one the Dodgers should consider.