3 changes the Dodgers desperately need to make before May 1

Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers
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2. Bat James Outman at the top of the lineup

The status quo for the Dodgers this season has been to bat Mookie Betts first in the lineup and Freddie Freeman second. That is a lethal combination to have at the top of the lineup, and the Dodgers will only go as far as those two will take them.

That being said, it would be helpful if the Dodgers maneuvered the order at the top of the lineup to best benefit the strengths of each player. It is traditional for the best hitter on the team to hit third in the lineup, and it might be time to move Freddie Freeman back one spot to fulfill that role.

He should only move back so that he can make room for James Outman atop the lineup. Outman has been the most promising offensive player for the Dodgers this season, and if he continues his current output, then it is really hard to justify not hitting him second right behind Betts.

Outman can hit for power, so the Dodgers are not going to lose any source of power at the two spot, and he gets on base at a great clip. The rookie outfielder posted a .442 on-base percentage through the Dodgers' first 12 games, which ranked second on the team only to Freeman. This is not a mirage, either, as Outman had a .393 OBP last season in the minors.

Some may argue that Outman is a better three hitter than Freeman because he has more home run power, but the best way to maximize the runs scored probably would be to have Outman's speed ahead of Freeman. Whether it be with his league-leading triples or with stolen bases, Outman can utilize his speed to get in scoring position for Freeman to drive him home.