3 dream trades that would help Dodgers replace Gavin Lux at shortstop

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The Los Angeles Dodgers didn't make any blockbuster moves this offseason. In fact, they were reverse-blockbustered when Trea Turner, Tyler Anderson, Cody Bellinger and Justin Turner all departed. They couldn't avoid the big headlines despite their light lifting.

But could they be backed into a corner now following the loss of starting shortstop Gavin Lux, who suffered a torn ACL during Monday's Spring Training game against the San Diego Padres? The Dodgers were already downgrading from Turner to Lux and will now have to downgrade further from Lux to Miguel Rojas. From Seager to Turner to Lux to Rojas. What a world.

Rojas was supposed to be the team's utility infielder who could fill in at shortstop for longer spells, but he's heading into his age-34 season and coming off the worst offensive campaign of his career. Not exactly a starting shortstop on a contending roster at this point.

We came up with five immediate replacements that could help address the situation with Lux, but none are impactful or surefire solutions. At this juncture of the offseason, it's impossible to make the requisite free agency move to fix something like this, and it's nearly impossible to do the same on the trade market. We're too close to the start when everybody thinks they might have a chance.

But there might be some exceptions out there if the Dodgers press the right buttons. While it's unlikely, some teams could be convinced to move off of their starting shortstop pending a good offer and the fact they have the necessary resources to get by in the meantime. These would be gigantic hits for Andrew Friedman and Co.

3 dream trade scenarios that could help the Dodgers replace Gavin Lux

Willy Adames

What dream scenario from this offseason doesn't include Milwaukee Brewers shortstop WIlly Adames? With the way Dodgers fans talked about him followng Turner's departure, you would've thought he was the prince that was promised at shortstop.

We still don't think the Brewers would do this ... but they do have Luis Urias and top prospect Brice Turang on the roster. And who knows what a strong season from top prospect Eric Brown Jr. might do for his pathway to MLB?

Chances are the Brewers don't even think about this until the trade deadline, but what if the Dodgers were willing to offer up top prospect Bobby Miller in a package? Could help solve that Corbin Burnes problem down the road, just sayin'!