3 players the Dodgers probably wish they brought back for the 2023 season

Seattle Mariners v Philadelphia Phillies
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Chris Martin

One of the bigger storylines for the Dodgers early in the season was the struggles of the bullpen. While things have improved there lately (which is not a high bar), they are still just ranked 9th by fWAR with a 4.65 ERA as a group so far. Injuries have certainly played their part, and things should improve significantly if Blake Treinen's rehab from surgery continues to go well and they get some other guys healthy.

However, it sure would have been nice to have a guy like Chris Martin still in the fold in the meantime. After the team traded for Martin last year, he made 26 appearances out of the bullpen with a 1.46 ERA and 1.13 FIP. He also didn't end up signing for a crazy contract this offseason, either, as Boston signed him to a two year, $17.5 million deal. A lot of what has happened early on in the season to the bullpen will even itself out over the course of the year, but losing Martin still doesn't feel great, especially given how much he ended up costing.