3 players the Dodgers probably wish they brought back for the 2023 season

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Tommy Kahnle

Another bullpen arm lost that signed a reasonable contract this offseason was Tommy Kahnle. Kahnle didn't play much for the Dodgers in 2022, but when he was on the mound, he was good for a 2.38 ERA -- although it is fair to point out that his 4.38 FIP pointed to the Regression Monster coming to claim him eventually.

Losing Kahnle to the Yankees on a two-year deal actually doesn't look quite as rough with the benefit of hindsight, though. Kahnle has a history of arm issues, and a bout of biceps tendinitis this spring has kept him from appearing for the Yankees so far in 2023. While it would be nice to have Kahnle in the fold as some bullpen depth with upside for the next year or two, it doesn't seem likely he would have helped with the Dodgers' early season bullpen woes.