4 Dodgers offseason additions we should already be concerned about

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Dodgers We're Concerned About: David Peralta

It's worth wondering what exactly the Dodgers were thinking when they went out and signed David Peralta to a free agent contract. A longtime member of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Peralta has had some up and down seasons as of late, including a decent but uninspiring performance last year.

In 134 games split between Arizona and Tampa Bay, Peralta hit 12 home runs (the most he's hit since 2019) and drove in 59 while posting an OPS+ of 109. All are respectable numbers, but the Dodgers likely could have and should have aimed higher in free agency.

Instead, the club is stuck with Peralta, a 35-year-old defensively-limited outfielder, who has struggled mightily to start the year.

In his first eight games with the Dodgers, the 10-year veteran went 4-for-23 (good for a .174 average) with just one extra base hit and an OPS+ of 12. He has failed to make consistent contact with the ball and, when he does, it's not very hard.

This is without mentioning his suspect defense. So far, the left fielder has been worth 0.1 dWAR, but he posted a -0.7 dWAR last year, suggesting that he's nowhere close the Gold Glove-winning defender he was back in 2019.

With how things are going, Peralta is going to be a bench bat for the remainder of the year. With the emergence of James Outman and Jason Heyward, there's just nowhere to play an aging outfielder with no bat to speak of. If there are any positives to be had here, it's the fact that the Dodgers are paying him just $6.5M this season.