4 Dodgers offseason additions we should already be concerned about

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Dodgers We're Concerned About: Miguel Rojas

As nice of a story as it was to have Miguel Rojas re-join the team he debuted with back in 2014, the two-year, $11M contract he signed with the Dodgers is already starting to look like a whiff by the team.

Rojas, 34, has steadily been one of the game's better defensive shortstops while possessing 7-12 home run power and a lengthy track record of durability. He hits for average, but at times struggles with getting on base consistently -- especially last year, when he hit .236 with an OPS+ of 72 in 140 games.

The longtime Miami Marlins infielder is now back in Los Angeles, and has been forced into an everyday role since Gavin Lux is out for the year with an ACL/MCL tear. When Rojas was brought aboard, the expectation seemed to be that he would get some occasional starts at all four positions around the infield, and was a lock to provide the club with some smooth fielding wherever he went.

Instead, he's the starting shortstop, an experiment that has not gone according to plan so far.

In his first five games, the 10-year veteran went 2-for-17 (that's a .118 average, for those following along at home) with an OPS+ of 3, meaning he started 97 percent below league-average with the bat. This is an extremely small sample size, so take some of these numbers with a grain of salt, but the concern is warranted early on.

It remains to be seen how this will be addressed. Rojas will surely stumble his way into some gappers and hopefully some home runs along the way, but his triumphant return to the Dodgers has started with a whimper rather than a bang. Oh, how we miss Gavin Lux right about now.