Dodgers: 4 takeaways from the first 4 weeks of the MLB season

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The Dodgers should call up more top prospects

Speaking of promoting from within, it's time for the Dodgers to look to the minor leagues and find players who can fill the obvious holes on the current roster. We've already seen Michael Busch have an impact in his MLB debut with an RBI single, and Outman has arguably been the Dodgers' second-best player so far this season. While rookies always take a bit to find their footing, if the Dodgers aren't able to make trades to address their needs, giving the youngsters a chance to grow and improve is better than watching several veterans struggle. Six of the Dodgers' top eight prospects, according to MLB Pipeline, have an MLB ETA set for 2023. Out of those six, Busch was the fourth one to arrive (Outman, Vargas and Pepiot are the others).

But as Syndergaard continues to struggle, prospects like Bobby Miller and Gavin Stone are appealing alternatives to bolster the current starting rotation (or potentially the bullpen). If Jason Heyward and David Peralta continue to struggle, do the Dodgers eventually turn to Andy Pages, the sixth-best prospect in the system, or at least promote him to AAA so he can be more major-league ready in case of an injury?

All of these questions will be answered soon, and the Dodgers' upcoming homestand, as well as six games in May against the Padres, might be the catalyst to force the front office's hand. Because of San Diego's early struggles, the Dodgers bought themselves some time, but they can't count on that lasting too long.