5 potential trade targets that could seriously alter Dodgers' 2023 season

Chicago White Sox v Pittsburgh Pirates
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The Los Angeles Dodgers have gotten off to a cold start in 2023. While it certainly could be worse, this is not the usual level of excellence that Dodgers fans have been used to over the last decade. However, it was somewhat expected, with this season representing a changing of the guard in LA.

As disappointing as April has been thus far, the Dodgers should still be taken seriously as a playoff contender, with the front office putting itself in a great position to add talent at the trade deadline. Let's not forget how poorly the 2018 season started -- until the team was able to turn it around, both in-house and with in-season additions.

The Dodgers have to be considered one of the primary teams to watch during the 2023 MLB trade deadline. While a lot can happen before that point, there are still some promising early trade candidates that Dodgers fans should be circling.

5 potential trade targets to alter the Dodgers' 2023 season:

Tim Anderson

The Dodgers need shortstop help; that goes without saying. Gavin Lux tearing his ACL in spring training has started a ripple effect at the shortstop position that has been unfortunate to witness after the position had been so consistent for the franchise.

There are some cheaper options that the team can pursue to put a bandage on the wound, but if the Dodgers really want to make a splash, then they should try and trade for Chicago's Tim Anderson. Just like with Manny Machado in 2018, the Dodgers could fix their shortstop woes with a high-profile trade.

Anderson's name has floated around the trade market for some time, and it all depends on what happens for the White Sox as we get closer to the deadline. Chicago has not enjoyed a good start to the year, and if they are out of the picture by July, then trading Anderson is in the equation.

Anderson has one more year under contract after the 2023 season, but the White Sox are going to get exponentially more value for him if they trade him to a hungry contender during the deadline this year. If they wait for the offseason, the price won't be as high, and if they wait until 2024, then he will just be viewed as a three-month rental.