Dodgers ace Walker Buehler asks questions we're all wondering after Shohei Ohtani signing

So many mysteries to explore!
Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels
Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels / John McCoy/GettyImages

Even after Shohei Ohtani announced his move to the Los Angeles Dodgers, answering perhaps the most essential question of this offseason, and even as boggling contract deals are slowly being revealed, there are still some that need addressing. Chiefly: what is the name of Ohtani's dog?

Amidst all of the Blue Jay, Morosi, private plane shenanigans on Friday, podcaster Pablo Torre peddled a rumor he had heard about Ohtani's dog and the strange elusiveness surrounding the name of the pup who accompanied Ohtani during the announcement of his unanimous AL MVP award this year. Torre said that Ohtani and his team were keeping the dog's name under wraps because he was named after one of the teams being considered.

Given the catchy, often animal-related names of most MLB teams, this didn't exactly narrow anything down. Rocky and Tiger are fantastic names for a dog. Cub, perhaps?

Dodgers News: Ace Walker Buehler takes a guess at the name of Shohei Ohtani's dog

Following Ohtani's announcement that he was, in fact, joining the favorites in the chase, Dodgers ace Walker Buehler chimed in quickly with a couple of tweets of his own. He perfectly seized the moment to not only celebrate Ohtani's signing and their future as a potential 1-2 for the Dodgers, but to speak for all of us in inquiring about maybe-Ranger (Astro? Royal?) Ohtani.

Of course, if that rumor was false, there's always an alternative...

Despite Tommy John keeping him from pitching for at least the next season, Ohtani will join Buehler, who was also hurt for most of this season but should be ready by spring training, at the top of LA's rotation in 2025. Even while Ohtani is hurt, it's more than likely that he'll spend a significant amount of time with the Dodgers' pitching staff throughout 2024 in order to get the feel of operations in LA before he can take the mound again.

Hopefully, Buehler's first line of questioning will seek to confirm the name of Ohtani's dog once and for all. If it's Dodger-related and it's not Walker, we're seriously pulling for Mookie.

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