Dodgers add most disappointing 2018 Red Sox player yet with latest signing

Boston Red Sox v Philadelphia Phillies
Boston Red Sox v Philadelphia Phillies / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Hopefully, the Dodgers' latest signing has Mookie Betts' seal of approval as an elite "clubhouse guy." Otherwise, we're not sure why Los Angeles' braintrust decided to dabble with yet another 2018 Red Sox castoff, this one potentially the worst yet.

No, it's not Steve Pearce. He might be a more effective fireman, at this point.

Per sources, the Dodgers have signed ex-Bostonian Ryan Brasier, who you may remember from cocking his hat and bringing his child along for the World Series ride in '18, to a minor-league deal.

Brasier, whose time was finally up in Boston this year after he posted a 7.29 ERA and 1.571 WHIP in 21 innings, watched himself go from "high-leverage reliever" to "still high-leverage reliever" to "somehow still high-leverage reliever" to "OK, you can stop now."

The 35-year-old, who announced the deal himself, will presumably report to Triple-A Oklahoma City.

Dodgers sign former Red Sox reliever Ryan Brasier to ... what, exactly?

Maybe now that Brasier's in Los Angeles, the Dodgers can finally piece together why, exactly, the 2018 Red Sox were so intent on blaming Dave Roberts' club for cheating in an effort to deflect from their own misdeeds, which were punished (a little bit) by MLB.

Perhaps (sigh) there might be something for the Dodgers' pitching factory to solve in Brasier's arsenal. As recently as last season, he sported a 5.78 ERA with a far superior 3.61 FIP, striking out 64 men in 62.1 innings pitched. That would suggest Brasier was getting bit disproportionately by bad luck -- or, again, it could've just been the beginning of the end, considering the way this season began.

Still, this is an experienced pitcher with a 3.55 ERA and .735 OPS against in 16 postseason contests, hardly the worst thing to have in your Triple-A stockroom if the big-league bullpen continues to underwhelm. Either the Dodgers fix Brasier and he joins Betts, JD Martinez, Craig Kimbrel and Joe Kelly in creating dueling LA legacies, or he goes back into the pile. Not a win-win, but kind of just ... a win-ignore.