Dodgers all-time best starting lineup based on WAR

Duke Snider In A Batting Pose
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Third base: Ron Cey, 49.9 fWAR

While Ron Cey is our first non-Hall of Famer to crack the list, that doesn't say nearly enough about how dynamic of a ball player he was during his career. In fact, his career WAR is a total of 16 wins higher than second-place Justin Turner's and is over 17 wins higher than Jim Gilliam, who played 500 more games in a Dodgers uniform.

Over the course of a 12-year career in Los Angeles, Cey was an absolute workhorse, routinely appearing in over 150 games, which is a solid mark for a player that lines up at one of the more physically demanding positions on the diamond.

A six-time All-Star and the 1981 World Series MVP, Cey had third base locked down for the Dodgers every year on the club. He never moved positions, never lost his hold on a starting gig -- he was a reliable and trustworthy option to trot out there and do his business in nearly every single game of the season.

Over the course of his Dodgers career, he played in over 1,400 games, hitting 228 home runs with 842 runs batted in. He, like Jackie Robinson before him, had an incredible eye at the plate, drawing 765 walks against just 838 strikeouts in his career in LA. His .804 OPS and 125 OPS+ both have him as above league-average throughout his 12-year tenure on the club and only furthers his place as the best third baseman in franchise history.