Dodgers all-time best starting lineup based on WAR

Duke Snider In A Batting Pose
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Left field: Zack Wheat, 62.6 fWAR

One of the first "stars" to ever play for the Dodgers, Zack Wheat has a pretty sizable advantage over second place Jimmy Sheckard, who sits at 28.6 career WAR.

Wheat spent the first 18 seasons of his 19-year career as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers and was yet another player in the franchise's history that just found a way to beat the opposition no matter what. Never much of a power hitter (132 HR in 2,400+ games), Wheat had nearly 3,000 hits and 200 triples in his career while stealing over 200 bases and drawing more walks (650) than strikeouts (572) along the way. With his annual low walk and strikeout totals, he was essentially Willians Astudillo and Luis Arraez before it was cool.

A career 129 OPS+ hitter with a .317 batting average, Wheat almost never led the league in anything and he feels a bit more like a product of longevity padding his stats, but he's still the best left fielder to ever do it for the Dodgers. To be kept around for 18 years says a lot, even if the player isn't consistently in the MVP discussion and hitting 30 home runs a year.

After all was said and done for Wheat, he was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1959 via the Veterans Committee.