Ball boy chucking Freddie Freeman's record Dodgers double into stands was outrageous

He's now part of history!
Los Angeles Dodgers v Cleveland Guardians
Los Angeles Dodgers v Cleveland Guardians / Jason Miller/GettyImages

We truly apologize for losing this in the shuffle, we were just hyper-focused on Freddie Freeman making history for the Los Angeles Dodgers when he squibbed his 52nd double of the season down the first base line on Thursday night.

That hit tied Johnny Frederick for the franchise doubles mark, and Freeman is well on his way to joining the record books in various forms. The man has been a machine, as he's helped lead the charge for one of the best offenses in the league.

So never in a million years would anybody have expected Freeman -- a man who's all business on the baseball field -- to have one of his milestone moments slightly interrupted by the absolute best kind of buffoonery imaginable.

In defense of the Miami Marlins ball boy, this one was a tad tough to gauge. It was a soft hit that just got inside the line and then slowly rolled into foul territory. The second baseman gave up on it, and as you can see in the video, the right fielder, somehow, was so far out of frame that it appeared nobody was making a play on the ball. How was this outfield aligned for a lefty at the plate?

In thinking the hit was foul, the very epic Marlins ball boy scooped it up and, without hesitation, fired it into the crowd. He immediately went back to his seat, seemingly operating with a sense of confidence that he had swiftly gotten the job done, allowing the players to resume the game without issue. Turns out, he threw an historic double into the LoanDepot Park stands ... which doesn't sound like it has much novelty to it.

Ball boy chucking Freddie Freeman's record Dodgers double into stands was outrageous

Bless this guy. How lucky are we to have him and Malcolm from Sunday Night Baseball grace us with their presences in the same week?!

The way he inadvertently ignored right fielder Jesus Sanchez making his way over in disbelief that the kid threw a live ball into the crowd was another undeniably hilarious aspect of this sequence. Then he looked over at second base where Freeman was celebrating, and, at that moment, he knew he had done something terribly wrong.

Sanchez then came over to him in between innings to give him a hug and laugh it off. Very nice.

You simply can't not laugh. The way he tossed the ball off his back foot like a fadeaway jumper only for it to nearly end up in no man's land provides yet another moment of unexpected comedy.

In no way did anybody think this 10-second clip could have us in stitches, but keep watching it over and over and you'll find something new to brighten your day.