Don't let Dodgers-Bryan Reynolds trade rumor update fool you

Pittsburgh Pirates v Philadelphia Phillies
Pittsburgh Pirates v Philadelphia Phillies / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

If it hasn't already been made abundantly clear, the Los Angeles Dodgers will more than likely be waiting until next offseason to make momentous signings and trades. The 2023 season, right now, is viewed as a bit of a reset for a number of reasons.

First of all, there's a desire to get the payroll under $230 million so they're not repeat luxury tax offenders once again. Secondly, there's a willingness to usher in a new era of Dodgers baseball, with a number of top prospects ready for MLB action.

The luxury tax reset should hinder further spending. The optimism in the farm system surrounding the team's young talent should keep LA out of the running for blockbuster trades, because they'll have fewer assets to move.

By default, the Dodgers will always be among those mentioned in trade rumors involving star players, the latest of which concerns Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Bryan Reynolds, who should be on the move before Opening Day.

The Dodgers have essentially been named one of the finalists alongside the New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners, but don't let that fool you. They're a distant third in this race, especially if the rumored centerpiece (Bobby Miller) going back to Pittsburgh has any truth to it.

The Dodgers-Bryan Reynolds trade rumors are nothing but a tease

The Pirates are reportedly seeking multiple top pitching prospects in return for Reynolds. The Dodgers have that, with Miller, Gavin Stone, Ryan Pepiot, Michael Grove and others. But with so many question marks (the futures of Clayton Kershaw and Julio Urías, as well as the health of Walker Buehler and Dustin May), the Dodgers might not be inclined to trade from a valuable position of strength (pitching) for an expendable position (outfield) that they're not in desperate need of at this very moment.

Would the addition of a skilled outfielder help? Undoubtedly. Mookie Betts, James Outman, Trayce Thompson, Jason Heyward and Chris Taylor isn't exactly a top-tier unit ... but is the Reynolds addition going to be that much better to offset the pitching impact that will be lost ... especially when that impact can last at least six years, while Reynolds will only be around for three?

Not a single fan is going to complain if the Dodgers acquire Reynolds via trade. It will be a winning move made to improve the Dodgers and better prepare them for 2023-2025.

But knowing the cost, the options available next offseason (Harrison Bader, Ian Happ, Tesocar Hernandez), and how careful the Dodgers need to be in crafting their next golden generation, the Reynolds trade rumors are nothing but playful banter if you ask us.