Dodgers' Daniel Hudson forgot one important truth while shushing Mets fans

Cincinnati Reds v Los Angeles Dodgers
Cincinnati Reds v Los Angeles Dodgers / Harry How/GettyImages

Blessedly, the Dodgers' bullpen has been in much better shape throughout May than they were in April. Despite a lot of still-confusing roster switches and some bad pitching early on that landed their combined ERA toward the bottom of league leaderboards, they're third through Tuesday's doubleheader (3.17) and pitching overall has become more of a strength, even as the lineup has had its peaks and valleys.

In the first game of that doubleheader, the Dodgers were down until the top of the ninth, when a rare Dodgers bunt from Chris Taylor scored the tying run and, when the Mets couldn't respond in the bottom of the inning, sent the game into extras for LA to eventually take the reins 5-2.

Daniel Hudson was the reliever tasked with keeping the Mets from winning it in a walk-off in the ninth, and things looked dicey out there at first; he gave up two singles and then a walk to load the bases with only one out. Tyrone Taylor and Jeff McNeil both popped out to end the inning, and when Hudson walked back to the dugout, he put a finger to his lips to shush the booing crowd.

It made for a cool moment on TV, but Hudson seemed to forget a crucial piece of context: the boo'ing definitely wasn't directed toward him and the Dodgers.

Daniel Hudson shushed booing Mets fans after a successful outing for the Dodgers, but they definitely weren't booing him

After the game, Hudson said of his hushing, "You know, it was getting loud, so just reminding them... [...] 'Hey, we’re the Dodgers. We’re good." It's a good soundbite to match the cool moment, but the jeering from the crowd was almost certainly more about their team's failure to capitalize on a loaded bases situation than Hudson's performance.

The Mets have lost six straight series, including this one against the Dodgers, thanks to LA's Game 2 win to cap off the doubleheader. They barely eked out a win to end a five-game losing streak when they walked off the Giants on Sunday, but it should be to no one's surprise that Mets fans are upset. New York sports fans are liberal with their boos, and the Mets being in fourth place in the NL East and almost four games behind the Nationals is more than enough reason for them to rain their ire down on their team at home.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers ended their own five-game losing streak with their first win against the Mets. LA certainly put a pep into the step of the NL Central's fifth place Reds when they got swept, so hopefully the Mets will do just the same for the Dodgers.