Twitter swarms after D-Backs try to burn David Peralta for joining Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks
Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks / Norm Hall/GettyImages

Late in the offseason, the Los Angeles Dodgers inked outfielder David Peralta to a one-year deal, eyeing a bounce back.

Peralta's career OPS remains near .800 (.796, to be exact, entering 2023), but he's likely on the back nine of his time in the league. It's past time for him to win a ring; now 35, he's coming off a .652 OPS after the trade deadline last season when he was dealt away from Arizona for the first time in his career, trying to solve the sightlines of Tropicana Field on the fly.

What better place for Peralta to chase that vaunted ring than with the Dodgers, a team that also plans to give him a significant opportunity to fit in among James Outman and Jason Heyward in the outfield?

Said Peralta earlier this offseason when asked about joining LA:

" “The decision was pretty easy, I want to win. I want to get my ring and be a champion. I’ve been facing these guys for a long time and they have a great culture. I wanted to be a part of that.”"

David Peralta

And so, when he returned to Chase Field this weekend to face off against his former team, the Diamondbacks gave him a hero's welcome -- whoops, sorry, read that wrong. They gave him a traitor's welcome.

Is Dodgers OF David Peralta a "traitor" for being traded by Diamondbacks?

Yeah, sorry, did you mean "trader"? Because ... you traded him first.

We highly doubt vengeance against Arizona was even considered when the Dodgers came calling, but ... if it was ... didn't they kind of earn it by shipping him to Tropicana Field?

Commenters came out in droves to show the D-Backs where they'd erred in what was supposed to be a message of goodwill.

Sure, it was all in good fun, but it also looked a little petty and desperate.

Rest in peace to all of you who've died from cringe over the past 24 hours. We'll never forget you.

On Saturday, the Dodgers will try to shake off a loss to the team Peralta used to toil for, playing the Diamondbacks for what feels like the 35th consecutive contest.

Hopefully, Peralta can give the D-Backs social media team a proper tribute by going Freight Train into the left field seats.

That ring he craves can't be won this weekend, but he can certainly prove to his old team which team is closer to the mountaintop.