Dodgers depth chart: 1 player moving up, 1 moving down, and 1 in the middle

Los Angeles Dodgers designated hitter JD Martinez
Los Angeles Dodgers designated hitter JD Martinez / Norm Hall/GettyImages
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The Los Angeles Dodgers have gotten off to a not-so-great start to begin the 2023 season. Sure, the Dodgers have not been as bad as the San Francisco Giants, but there's some obvious need for improvement if LA is going to rise to the top of he National League West Division this season.

While the team as a whole has yet to perform up to its potential, there've been a couple players who've risen to the occasion. In the same breath, however, there've certainly been a few who've fallen short of expecations.

As such, perhaps it's time for Dodgers manager Dave Roberts to make some changes. Who is the one player that need to be moved up LA's depth chart, and which two need to take a seat on the bench?

Dodgers depth chart: Trayce Thompson should be moved up

So much attention has been thrust upon rookie outfielder James Outman and former MVP Mookie Betts that Trayce Thompson seems to get lost in the shuffle. While both Outman and Betts are playing quite well, Thompson is posting teriffic numbers in his own right.

Thompson has a higher slugging percentage than Outman and a higher OPS than Betts. With veterans like Jason Heyward and David Peralta hitting below the Mendoza line, it stands to reason that Thompson should be moving up the team's depth chart.

Thompson has fewer at-bats than Peralta, but more home runs than both he and Heyward combined. Thompson's .994 OPS trails only Will Smith, who's still on the IL. If Dave Roberts wants to put his three best outfielders in the field on a regular basis, Trayce Thompson should definitely be in the mix.

Thompson has hit a bit of slump since his three-home run performance on April 1st, but his overall numbers are still better than both Jason Heyward and David Peralta. Heyward has picked up two hits in his last six games, and Peralta was all singles in recent days, prior to a home run Wednesday.