Dodgers’ dream trade deadline plans die after Orioles shockingly acquire Corbin Burnes

The Dodgers hopes of adding a Cy Young award winner at the deadline just vanished.
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game One
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game One / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Dodgers might've gotten used to getting what they want this offseason, but there's one long-coveted player who won't be coming to LA this year or maybe anytime soon: Corbin Burnes. LA has been heavily interested in Burnes since the beginning of the offseason, with some reported trade talks also including shortstop Willy Adames in exchange for the likes of Gavin Lux.

Talks seemed to fizzle out and Burnes seemed set to stay in Milwaukee at least until the trade deadline, when the Dodgers could've swooped in again and come at the Brewers with an offer that would finally pry him away. However, as of Thursday night, that won't be the case. Per Ken Rosenthal and Jeff Passan, Burnes will be a part of a shocking trade that will send him to the Orioles, in exchange for Orioles' No. 6 prospect Joey Ortiz, left-handed pitcher DL Hall, and the 34th pick in this year's draft.

Dodgers dream trade for Corbin Burnes dead in the water after Brewers-Orioles deal

Burnes, a Cy Young winner and four-time votes-getter over his past four seasons in Milwaukee, would've been the ideal candidate to truly round out the Dodgers' dominant rotation. Most of their reported interest came before they signed Yoshinobu Yamamoto and traded for then extended Tyler Glasnow. However, Burnes would've been much more favorable to take the open spot that James Paxton was just signed to fill, and an early trade could've nixed some of the more recent confusion about who the Dodgers would get to follow Yamamoto and Walker Buehler (when he returns to the team after Tommy John).

In a parade of offseason successes for the Dodgers, this is a shocking blindside from an Orioles team that hadn't made their interest in Burnes known and is currently going through an ownership change. Big things seem to be brewing over there in Baltimore since the Angelos family announced their sale of the team on Tuesday. The Orioles are likely to be much more aggressive and possibly spend more than they ever have on free agents under new ownership, so Burnes going there will most likely make them the leading contenders when he hits free agency after the 2024 season (that is, if they don't extend him). If the Dodgers are still interested come November, this will be an uphill battle.