Dodgers fans shouldn't get excited about Angels' weak waiver dump

They could use a few of these players, though!
Los Angeles Angels v Philadelphia Phillies
Los Angeles Angels v Philadelphia Phillies / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

In an unprecedented turn of events, the Los Angeles Angels have punted on the 2023 season in a massive way. They placed Lucas Giolito, Hunter Renfroe, Randal Grichuk, Matt Moore and Reynaldo Lopez on waivers.

That means any team -- including the Los Angeles Dodgers -- can claim them by waiting their turn and taking on the remainder of the money on their contracts. But will any of these players reach the Dodgers, who currently have the third-best record in MLB and would be the 28th team to have a shot?

Remember MLB banned waiver trades? Well, waiver claims after the trade deadline are still allowed which ... doesn't seem to make sense! Isn't this the same concept? Instead of getting something in return, cheap owners can offload expiring contracts to save a couple of bucks.

That's exactly what Arte Moreno is trying to do with his latest stunt since none of the aforementioned players will be with the Angels next year, and will be coveted among contenders looking for a boost this late in the season.

The top name here that enamors Dodgers fans is Lucas Giolito, but is that even possible? Wouldn't every other team beneath them waste no time in claiming the right-hander?

Dodgers Rumors: Could Lucas Giolito land in LA after Angels' waiver dump?

Giolito has been dreadful since arriving in Anaheim, pitching to a 6.89 ERA, 6.82 FIP and 1.47 WHIP in just six starts. And the Angels surrendered two top-three prospects for him. Can't fault them for going for it, but that's absolutely brutal.

The Dodgers have transformed many a name this season, most notably Lance Lynn, Shelby Miller and Ryan Brasier. Giolito doesn't need that significant of a facelift, but his career 4.55 ERA (right in line with his 4.37 FIP), indicates there's work to be done.

More realistically, however, is someone like Matt Moore, who is a soft-throwing lefty. He's found a new successful role as a full-time reliever the last two seasons after transitioning from a starter and overcoming some injuries. Maybe he'll be overlooked since he's not as shiny as Giolito and not as big of a name as the other three?

Probably not. Any team ahead of the Dodgers will need pitching help. You can never have enough of it, so this is more than likely a pipe dream.

And we don't even need to think about the offensive options because the Dodgers couldn't be better on that side of the ball right now. We'll call it at Lopez or nothing, if we were to bet on it.