Dodgers fans will love Chris Taylor's prediction for Justin Turner after playing days

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The Los Angeles Dodgers lost one of their dyed-in-the-wool stalwarts a few weeks back when Justin Turner followed Kiké Hernández's breadcrumbs and defected to the Boston Red Sox, ending this stage of his relationship with the organization.

But don't give up hope about an eventual reunion, as Chris Taylor helpfully informed the fan base in a podcast this past week.

Turner, the leader in the clubhouse for "Most Effective Dodgers Postseason Player in Franchise History," may also have interest someday in becoming the actual leader in the clubhouse.

Taylor joined Dodgers Nation's Doug McKain over the weekend, in part to promote his charity Top Golf event on Jan. 12, and spent significant time spilling on Turner's departure for Boston. Understandably, he feels a little weird about it, despite constant motion and roster churn being one of modern MLB's chief inevitabilities:

"“It’s going to be weird. I thought J.T. was going to be a Dodger for life, I really did. I was disappointed that we didn’t bring him back. Like I said, I wish J.T. all the best with the Red Sox. He’s one of my closest friends. I’ve seen him quite a few times this offseason, he was at my wedding as you mentioned. And it’s going to be different. It’s going to feel a little weird without him in the clubhouse."

Chris Taylor

Don't circle his departure date on the calendar and call it "THE END," though, as Taylor seemed to believe there was some validity in McKain's confident bluster regarding Turner and a future managerial role.

Justin Turner for Dave Roberts' replacement as Dodgers manager? It could happen.

In other words, don't expect him to fall in love with Boston and never come back to Dodger Stadium. Turner is the type of combination of cerebral baseball mind/embracer of the game's "weird" who would make a viable manager someday, and CT3 believes the Dodgers would be the only fit for the third baseman's future coaching career.

Don't expect a Dave Roberts dismissal anytime soon, and don't expect Turner to be elevated to that kind of position before he's good and seasoned, Jeff Saturday-style. After a climb up the pyramid, though, he could very well be the one to lead this next generation into believing in bleeding Dodger Blue.

Who knows? Maybe someday he'll face off with Jason Varitek in a Red Sox-Dodgers World Series.

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