Dodgers fans will love San Francisco radio caller meltdown after Carlos Correa debacle

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Even though the New York Mets are now having trouble securing Carlos Correa to his new contract due to another issue with his physical exam, they're at least trying, unlike the San Francisco Giants, who abruptly called off their press conference with the star shortstop and quickly moved on.

In the end, with some offseason left to go (but not enough to make up for this), the Giants have watched Correa and Aaron Judge slip through their fingertips, lost Carlos Rodón to the New York Yankees, retained Joc Pederson on a $19.65 million salary, and signed Mitch Haniger ($43 million), Michael Conforto ($36 million), Taylor Rogers ($33 million), Ross Stripling ($25 million) and Sean Manaea ($25 million). They whiffed on Cody Bellinger, too.

Without knowing what could have been, fans might not think this was that bad. They're clearly signing "guys." One or two tweaks and a couple of these moves could pay notable dividends.

But when you consider Pederson was only supposed to be paid that much alongside another marquee signing, that Haniger was supposed to be a complement to Judge and not a duo with Conforto, that Correa (not Conforto/Rogers) was supposed to lessen the blow of losing Judge, and that Rodón was at least supposed to be intrigued by what SF was doing, then this is really bad.

While it might seem everyone's desensitized to what's happened over the last couple weeks, Giants fans, already on edge after the Yankees re-signed Judge, lost their minds after the Correa debacle on the local radio station.

Giants fans crying about Carlos Correa loss is hilarious to Dodgers fans

As advertised by ... KNBR! Profiting off the pain of their own fans! Or wait, are we sure these are Giants fans? We know how Dodgers fans pack Oracle Park whenever these teams meet, so we wouldn't be surprised if LA fans posing as outraged Giants fans actually outnumbered real outraged Giants fans.

Keep calling 808-KNBR, folks! The line should be hot for quite some time! Who knows, maybe Correa backs out of his deal with the Mets due to the current issue, calls back the Giants, who then say no because they're happy Brandon Crawford is no longer upset about being jettisoned for one of the game's biggest heels, and we have another one-of-a-kind flop to blog about.

If not for the Giants' spiral this offseason, the Dodgers would undoubtedly be catching more unsavory headlines for their lack of involvement in free agency as they spend cautiously.

See, there's a reason to be thankful for our most hated division rival during the holiday season!

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