Dodgers farm system continues downward slide with latest top 100 prospects list

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Diego Padres
Los Angeles Dodgers v San Diego Padres / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

Products of the Dodgers farm system have been excelling in the majors this year. Will Smith has been a staple since 2021, but Andy Pages, Gavin Stone, and Michael Grove just got a weird equivalent of job security with number changes to hint that none will be getting sent back down to the minors any time soon, even with Jason Heyward and pitchers' returns from injury sure to shake things up throughout the season.

Pages has been the star; he came up after Heyward got hurt and Chris Taylor couldn't come through as an everyday outfielder and is hitting .286 with an over .800 OPS. Stone's been the more solid between him and Grove, only allowing three runs over his last three starts, but Grove has also improved significantly through 22 1/3 innings. It's a success story for both, who struggled in the majors last year and were up and down throughout the season.

However, a closer peek under the hood might reveal that the Dodgers' farm system isn't as great as its new mainstays might suggest. MLB Pipeline updated their top 100 prospects list — only three prospective Dodgers are on it, and none rank above 50.

MLB Pipeline only ranks three Dodgers prospects in its new top 100, peaking at No. 52

LA's farm has long been known for depth, and that still seems to be the case, but the high-end talent well may finally be drying up.

Pages, Dalton Rushing, and Josue De Paula are Nos. 52, 53, and 83 on the list, with Pages due for an imminent graduation from the 'prospect' label due to how often he's been playing in the majors. He did jump 40 places from the Pipeline's initial 2024 rankings, which is sort of a given based on what he's been doing with the Dodgers. Rushing also moved up 14 places thanks to a strong initial showing in Double-A after a nearly silent spring training as an NRI. De Paula is only 18 and still in A-ball, but he quickly turned heads by batting .349 with a .970 OPS in Rookie ball in 2022.

Moving off the list is pitcher Nick Frasso, who probably would've gotten his MLB debut this year if he hadn't gotten hurt. He was initially ranked at No. 71 and is still the Dodgers' No. 4 prospect, but he'll be out for the entire season after a shoulder surgery.

The Dodgers are tied with seven other teams who each have three top 100 prospects apiece, but the Mets, Rockies, and especially Cubs (who have eight) are wiping the floor with the rest of the league. LA clearly has a lot of money and are set for a long time with their major leaguers, but they can't completely let development in their farm system fall to the wayside.