Charlie Freeman’s first pitch at Dodger Stadium foreshadows 2040 roster

Washington Nationals v Los Angeles Dodgers
Washington Nationals v Los Angeles Dodgers / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

Ceremonial first pitches are a grab bag. Sometimes you'll see a famous person make a great throw, sometimes you'll get a known baseball hater making a terrible one and promptly getting roasted by the entire internet. We've seen nuns, gymnasts, and high school physics clubs get the tap to mark the start of games.

On Tuesday, the Dodgers gave the honor to someone close to home. Charlie Freeman, Freddie Freeman's son, opened festivities for the second of three games against the Giants. Charlie was a frequent guest at Dodgers spring training, clowning around with Clayton Kershaw and Joe Kelly's sons, and has even been spotted in the dugout already, cheering his dad on after he hit a homer against the Angels in the one of the last few games of spring.

Charlie, just 6 years old, threw all the way back from the rubber on Tuesday to his dad behind the plate. It was a little high but a powerful throw, and his dad was there to frame it for the strike.

Freddie Freeman's son Charlie, 6, threw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday night

Charlie is clearly already being primed for a future in the major leagues, though he did throw a meatball to his dad that Freddie crushed for a home run in the Freemans' backyard back during COVID lockdown. The Freemans have been sharing videos of Charlie hitting off a tee since he was just two years old, so he clearly already has a good feel for his destiny as a ballplayer.

With Freeman, Kershaw, and Kelly's sons all becoming fixtures at Dodger stadium, the Dodgers' long-term way forward is clear, as soon as all three are draft-eligible. The 2040 Dodgers are already shaping up to be a legacy team, following in their dads' footsteps. Look out, Blue Jays. Gonna do it better in Hollywood.