Dodgers, Gavin Lux tempting censors' fate with Kendrick Lamar Drake diss track

Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers
Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers / Harry How/GettyImages

Even if your Twitter feed is 90% baseball, there's a huge chance that the other 10% is focused on the wild beef that's currently overtaken the world of pop culture — rappers Kendrick Lamar and Drake facing off, trading knockout blows every other day. The beef runs deep and is already hard to keep up with, even if you're a fan, but the general idea is that those guys don't like each other at all, and they've been flinging diss tracks back and forth for the last week or so.

The baseball and pop culture worlds collided on Monday night, during the first of the Dodgers three-game series against the Marlins. Gavin Lux, batting eighth, was accompanied by the sounds of Lamar's "Not Like Us," every time he stepped up to the plate, and it was a censor's nightmare.

"Not Like Us" is the fourth and newest track dropped by Lamar in the feud, and probably averages at least one profanity per bar, if not more. It also implies some, well, not-so-great things about Drake (and that's putting it very, very delicately) that the censored version failed to omit. Safe to say the Dodgers are on Kendrick's side here.

Gavin Lux changed his walk up song to Kendrick Lamar's "Not Like Us" for the first of the Dodgers' three games against the Marlins

Did the song give Lux a little more mojo throughout the night? Maybe a little. He went hitless with two strikeouts, but he walked once and represented one of the Dodgers' six runs on the night when he scored on a James Outman home run. If he wasn't the direct beneficiary of the hater vibe, then the rest of the Dodgers lineup surely was.

All of LA's runs were the result of home runs — one for Shohei Ohtani, which also scored Mookie Betts, who led off the first with a walk, then one for Freddie Freeman as an immediate follow up. Outman, scoring himself and Lux, and Teoscar Hernández got in on the fun later on to make it an absolute slugfest for LA.

The Dodgers were backing up Walker Buehler in his first start since his second Tommy John all the way back in 2022, and they came through — big time, absolutely shelling new Triple-A Marlins call-up Roddery Muñoz. In the words of Kendrick himself: "they not like us."