Dodgers' Gavin Stone is a lot more like Mookie Betts than you might think

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Right-handed pitcher Gavin Stone has become the talk of the town for Los Angeles Dodgers fans because of his performance in Spring Training. The quick-rising prospect has continued to pitch at a high level, making MLB hitters look silly in the process.

Stone has pitched in four games for the Dodgers this spring and has dominated in each outing. On Sunday, Stone came on in relief to pitch three scoreless innings while striking out eight batters in the process.

Overall, Stone has thrown 6.2 scoreless innings. He's allowed five hits and two walks while striking out 14. The 24-year-old top-100 prospect has been as dominant as any fan could have asked for.

The 2020 fifth-round pick's meteoric rise up the Dodgers farm system has been a joy to watch for fans and might be attributed to one thing: his similarities with superstar right fielder, Mookie Betts.

Like Mookie Betts, Dodgers' Gavin Stone is a freak athlete

Betts is known as one of the best athletes in the entire game of baseball. There are people in this world who pick up things with ease and can be great at them seemingly effortlessly, and Betts is one of them. Whether it be his basketball ability, his potential to be a Wes Welker-type receiver, or most notably, his ability to bowl a 300, there's no question that Betts is the definition of a freak athlete.

That's what has made him successful in MLB despite him being such a low draft pick and not having the physical makeup of your typical outfield superstar. It's the same recipe for success that might be driving Stone forward in his quest to play for the Dodgers.

Stone's athletic resume is also extremely impressive. A five-sport athlete in high school, Stone played tennis, track and field, basketball, and -- you guessed it -- bowling alongside baseball during his earlier days in Arkansas.

Stone didn't just play these sports, though -- he thrived at them. The 6-foot-1 right-hander averaged 25.1 points per game as a senior and received junior college scholarships to play basketball. Stone's high school bowling team finished four pins shy of winning the Arkansas State Championship while he was with the team, too.

With a dominant Spring Training showing thus far and a 2022 season behind him in which he posted a 1.48 ERA across three minor-league levels, it's only a matter of time before Stone is on the mound at Dodger Stadium with Mookie Betts behind him in right field.

And when that happens, maybe Dodgers fans can be treated to a triathlon between Stone and Betts to determine who the best athlete on the team truly is.

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