Giants signing Carlos Correa actually makes life more fun for Dodgers fans

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

On Tuesday night, the San Francisco Giants signed shortstop Carlos Correa to a massive 13-year, $350 million contract. He's now the highest-paid shortstop in history and has one of the four biggest contracts ever.

Despite rumored interest from the Los Angeles Dodgers, fans assumed this was never going to happen with the way the market was trending. Plus, the Dodgers were very clearly leaking information to lead their fans to believe that Correa would never be a fit after what happened in 2017.

While some in LA might be upset the Giants managed to rebound after missing out on Aaron Judge, this is actually the best-case scenario for the Dodgers as it pertains to one of their most hated rivals signing a star free agent. Isn't it best to have the players you hate on the team you hate? Concentrate that hate! Make the rivalry more intense!

On top of that, some might argue nine years of Judge would've been more nightmarish than 13 years of Correa. Though Correa is entering his age-28 season vs Judge's age-31 campaign, he's not a very durable player. Even in 2022, he played in just 136 games. He's played in more than 150 just once, and that was back in 2016.

For as good as he is on both sides of the ball, he's far from a perennial MVP candidate. And the Giants gave him the fourth-largest contract in the history of the sport, only behind Mike Trout, Mookie Betts and Judge.

Not only that, but they just surely upset a franchise legend in Brandon Crawford with this move. The Giants didn't just give Correa $350 million to play him at third base in 2023! Don't be surprised if there are some ill feelings in that front with the manner in which San Fran had to pivot.

The supplementary moves pre-Correa haven't been encouraging, either. They signed Sean Manaea, then Ross Stripling to join the pitching staff. They added Mitch Haniger shortly before they received the bad news on Judge. They're more than likely going to lose Carlos Rodón, based on the buzz we're hearing linking him to the New York Yankees (or Minnesota Twins?).

Also, remember that lineup post MLB Network put out, hyping up a potential Giants lineup with Judge in the fold? Yeah, it was bad with Judge. That means it's still bad with Correa, who's a worse player than Judge!

Dodger Stadium was absolutely electric the last few times Correa came to visit after MLB's investigation found the 2017 Houston Astros guilty of sign stealing. That was only for 3-4 games at a time. From 2023 until 2035, there will be 13 matchups per season, with six or seven in LA and then another six or seven in SF, a stadium which has pretty much become stomping grounds for visiting Dodgers fans.

The Giants might've improved, but it's more than likely not enough to contend at this very moment, based on the non-2021 results. And they added arguably the biggest heel in the entire league. Expect the battles with the Giants to be even more spicy and result in plenty of wins. That's how you spin this in your favor, Dodgers fans.