MLB way-too-early power rankings: How did Dodgers fare this offseason?

Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers
Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers / Harry How/GettyImages
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19. San Francisco Giants
18. Chicago White Sox
17. Boston Red Sox
16. Minnesota Twins
15. Los Angeles Angels
14. Milwaukee Brewers
13. Baltimore Orioles

Welcome to mediocrity! But in this capitalist baseball society, there's always an opportunity to move up the ranks! San Francisco tried, but they whiffed on Aaron Judge, Carlos Correa and Carlos Rodón. Bad. The White Sox signed Mike Clevinger (who might not play next year) and did nothing else. The Red Sox continue to make lateral moves at best (Justin Turner, Masataka Yoshida, Chris Martin, Corey Kluber, Adam Duvall). The Twins brought back Correa but only added Christrian Vazuez, Joey Gallo, Michael Taylor and Pablo Lopez ... but lost batting champ Luis Arraez in the process. How much better are they than their 78-win 2022 selves?

Then you have the Angels. Again, what are they? The two best players in baseball but nothing to show for it. Literally nothing! Not even a winning record! But their offseason additions of Tyler Anderson, Brandon Drury, Hunter Renfroe and Gio Urshela were largely regarded as "good," which is a surprise for LAA. The Brew Crew seemingly always has enough offense and pitching, so they're firmly in the middle, too. The Orioles' rebuild finally showed results in 2022 and they'll welcome a few more promising prospects in 2023, so with the proper leaps and infusion of more talent, they earned the right to be atop the mid-tier for winning 83 games last year.