Dodgers' new City Connect jerseys appear to have leaked and fans are talking

Shohei Ohtani Merchandise
Shohei Ohtani Merchandise / Kirby Lee/GettyImages

After the less-than-enthused reception their initial ones got, the Dodgers are getting a do-over on their Nike City Connect uniforms and will be the first team to get two. Version 1.0 was kind of, sort of, incredibly underwhelming; they were basically just inverses of the team's usual home whites, dark blue with 'Los Dodgers' written across the chest in the same classic font. The caps also carried the same LA insignia with a black brim.

Of the 25 unveilings of City Connect uniforms we've gotten so far across the league, almost none have been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews. The Rays and Guardians, who debuted theirs this month, have sort of been exceptions, but otherwise the jersey drop usually just gives fans an excuse to hate on something for a few days.

Parts of the Mets' and Tigers' City Connects were leaked well before they were debuted. The Dodgers might be the latest victim, but this time it's the entire jersey rather than just caps and socks. Twitter user DyeMyColor, who first posted about the Mets cap and Tigers socks and caps, might be 3/3 soon as the OP of the Dodgers' newest jersey.

Dodgers' leaked City Connect uniforms are already getting bad reviews from fans

The apparent new jerseys feature a new font to spell 'Los Angeles' across the chest, multi-colored dots in the style of a paint splatter, and a new patch on the right arm that combines LA's classic logo with the Dodgers' curly 'D' most recently seen on their spring training caps. On the bottom left, a hashtag — #ITFDB: "It's time for Dodger baseball," called at the beginning of every game and originated by the late, great Vin Scully.

Fans have already pointed out that the paint splatter makes the jerseys look like funfetti cake, and the new logo has some aesthetic similarity to the Disney logo, re-emphasizing that City Connect drops are frequently just used as punching bags for Twitter.

It is a marked improvement from Version 1.0, however, because at least it shows some amount of innovation and not such a staunch adherence to tradition. The Dodgers will debut the full uniforms on the field on June 21 during the first of two games against the Angels, with apparel likely to be available for purchase a few days before.