Dodgers getting JD Martinez for cheaper than Joey Gallo is hilarious offseason win

Boston Red Sox v Cincinnati Reds
Boston Red Sox v Cincinnati Reds / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

In serving another blow to the Boston Red Sox this week, the Los Angeles Dodgers signed JD Martinez to a one-year, $10 million contract for the 2023 season. Another Sox asset gone without any compensation. Should've done a better job at the trade deadline, guys!

Martinez, though certainly no longer the hitter he was from 2014-2019, is still a productive bat. In 2022, he hit .274 with a .790 OPS, 117 OPS+ and a career-high 43 doubles. He'll undoubtedly help the Dodgers' offense, which was in need of an above-average righty bat since Justin Turner is all but officially gone.

As LA continues its free agent bargain hunting, Martinez joins Noah Syndergaard, Shelby Miller and Jason Heyward as players who could play a big role on the 2023 roster.

Nothing special whatsoever, but it's certainly a bit funny that Martinez was able to be acquired at a cheaper price than former Dodger Joey Gallo, who signed a one-year, $11 million contract with the Minnesota Twins.

Following the trade deadline deal that brought Gallo to LA, it was obvious the team had no interest in a reunion once the season came to an end due to his horrific offensive play (and solid but unspectacular defensive abilities).

The Dodgers got JD Martinez at a cheaper price than what Joey Gallo signed for

The only discernible differences between Gallo and Martinez at this point that favor the Twins' new outfielder is the fact he plays defense and is six years younger. But that's about it. Gallo getting paid to be a body in the outfield is a terrible misuse of spending, regardless of a team's desperation in free agency.

The Dodgers might still have other issues with their roster, but it's an absolute coup that they were able to bring in a legitimate All-Star player for $1 million cheaper than Gallo, who's arguably worse than a replacement-level player at this point.

Gallo's last 184 games have been among, without an argument, the worst in the sport. He's hit .160 with a ~.660 OPS and 83 OPS+ while striking out an astonishingly bad 251 times in 638 plate appearances (good enough for a 39% rate!).

The Dodgers didn't exactly solve any positional issues with Martinez's acquisition, but they didn't need to. Turner was already trending toward a DH option after playing just 66 games at third (vs 62 at DH) in 2022. LA needed an injection of offense at a cheaper price than Turner's $16 million and Martinez offers just that.

The more hits they can get off of actual pitchers and not position players, the better. Swapping out Gallo for Martinez will prove to be an immeasurable upgrade, regardless of who is playing defense in the outfield.