Dodgers News: Scott Boras provides update on Julio Urías, Max Muncy's playoff take

Miami Marlins v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two
Miami Marlins v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two / Harry How/GettyImages

Part of the reason the Los Angeles Dodgers' 2023 season was derailed was because of Julio Urías' alleged off-field actions when he was arrested on felony domestic abuse charges and placed on administrative leave by MLB.

The left-hander missed the final month of the season and wasn't allowed to return for the playoffs, further straining the Dodgers' pitching staff. But that was hardly the concern. The accusations levied against Urías are disturbing and troubling.

MLB insider Jim Bowden believes Urías will be suspended for the entire 2024 (subscription required), but we're obviously in the dark about how close to a resolution the league is on this horrible issue. Even Urías' agent, Scott Boras, doesn't have any information.

At the General Managers Meetings this past week, before they were canceled due to an outbreak of the norovirus, Boras told reporters he's still waiting to hear from MLB and law enforcement about the situation.

These things take time, and it's barely been two months since the arrest, so we can probably expect a lengthier wait (if we learned anything from Trevor Bauer's case).

Dodgers News: Scott Boras provides update on Julio Urías, Max Muncy has odd theory

Either way, Urías' status for the 2024 season probably doesn't concern the Dodgers. Steps were already taken to erase him from the organization and, regardless if Urías is innocent or guilty, his return to LA would be a PR disaster after everything that's happened with Bauer. More importantly, however, is the fact Urías was arrested on suspicion of domestic battery back in 2019.

We can safely guess his time with the Dodgers is over.

In looking ahead to better things for 2024, Max Muncy agreed to a two-year extension recently and talked about how much he values being a Dodger. He also offered a theory as to why the Dodgers recently struggled in the postseason, which has been the talk of the last month.

On "Foul Territory" he said the lineup was "too disciplined" at the plate, as evidenced by the success of the various offenses that have reached the World Series since 2021. He said he thinks the Dodgers "just need to flip the script and go up there and start hacking."

Hard to disagree with that. They struck out 23 times in just three games this postseason. Last year? 44 times in four games. In 2021? 90 times in 11 games. That's an average of 8.7 per game. That can certainly indicate they're falling behind in counts by not being aggressive enough. They've been dreadful with runners in scoring position, too.

Though the offense seems like it's free-swinging during the regular season, something's changed in October. And this commentary from Muncy should hopefully wake up the coaching stuff if it hasn't already been talked about internally.

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