Dodgers News: Trevor Bauer's Status, Dansby Swanson, Shohei Ohtani

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers
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The Dodgers will enter the new year approaching the back nine of their 14-day window to decide whether or not to activate right-hander Trevor Bauer, after his 324-game suspension was significantly reduced on Dec. 22.

That fateful day will come on Jan. 6, when the Dodgers must decide to let Bauer loose into the wild or to add him to their 40-man roster. If they *do* "bring him back," they can later deal him nearly free of charge to another team. Either way, LA is stuck with the lion's share salary commitment.

According to Jack Harris of the LA Times, the Dodgers believed a Bauer ruling would come later in the offseason, and they remain unsure of how they plan to proceed once the window closes on Jan. 6.

Regardless of the team's decision, they will be paying $22.5 million to a persona non grata this season.

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Would you believe the Dodgers had interest in signing Dansby Swanson before he ultimately signed with the Cubs, but the front office was "split" on the idea? Some saw Swanson as worth the $177 million, while others believed he was merely a very good player whose case relied too much on intangibles and an incredible walk year. Huh. Sounds like most of you.

Shohei Ohtani -- the Dodgers' clear top priority for next offseason -- is ticketed for a contract that will surpass $400 million at the very least, and has been predicted to land around $500 million, pending some sort of monstrous reversal of events. Pay up.

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The Carlos Correa deal drags on into its second week after the Mets shocked the baseball world and swiped him, Grinch-style, from under the Giants' Christmas tree. Turns out, the issue with his physical was very real and highly unspectacular. Do the two sides eventually work it out? Do the Yankees, Braves or Dodgers pounce on a short-term, high-AAV middle ground, which seems like Correa's fate for the rest of his career (or as long as his original leg lasts)?

Sean Murphy, among baseball's best catchers, signed with the Braves post-trade to a six-year, $73 million deal. Nobody ask any of these long-term Braves signees why they agreed to take these absurd discounts. "It was because we're like a family here," Murphy stated, choosing not to reveal that "Because We're Like a Family Here" is the name of his new off-the-books mega-yacht.

Nathan Eovaldi is a Texas Ranger, following in his fellow Alvin, TX native Nolan Ryan's footsteps. Hopefully, he's also following in Ryan's elbow.

Jean Segura, a solid bargain-basement hit machine option, will be a Miami Marlin. Somewhere, Gavin Lux breathes yet another sigh of relief.

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