Dodgers could get great value on potential trade target after small injury

The Dodgers love getting the best value possible and could take advantage of a small injury to buy low on a potential trade target.
Los Angeles Dodgers v Kansas City Royals
Los Angeles Dodgers v Kansas City Royals / Kyle Rivas/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Dodgers have had an up-and-down 2023 season, but currently find themselves controlling their own destiny as the first-place team in the National League West. As long as the Dodgers take care of business, they do not need to bank on other teams in the division falling short.

That being said, it is still very important for the Dodgers to secure a top-two seed in the NL to secure a bye into the NLDS. That is a massive advantage and ultimately is why the team should be looking to make improvements at the trade deadline.

History indicates that this deadline won't be as headline-grabbing for the Dodgers, with the team instead working around the edges to make supplemental additions to the roster. In addition to pitching, the Dodgers also need to add a right-handed bat in the mix. Dave Roberts himself said so.

Having a good trade deadline isn't just about finding the right players to trade for; it is also about getting the best possible value for those players. And while it comes with risk, this could mean taking a chance on a veteran player with a lingering injury knowing that the price will be cheaper than if he was healthy.

Dodgers should try to buy low on Tommy Pham amid injury concerns

This is not the first time Tommy Pham has dealt with a lower-body injury, as he suffered a similar groin injury before the MLB All-Star Break. That being said, Pham did say that there is reason to be optimistic this time around after suffering the injury on Thursday (and he managed a lone pinch-hitting appearance over the weekend at Fenway Park).

Any sort of injury concerns will reduce the number of potential suitors for Pham, and that is why the Dodgers could capitalize. Pham already isn't a super-valuable trade chip as a half-season rental, so the addition of lingering injury concerns make him even cheaper.

The price for Joey Gallo a year ago was the No. 15 prospect in the organization, Clayton Beeter. The price for Pham would probably be around the same with his injury concern, considering he is actually producing this year. New York probably wants a younger outfielder that the organization can mold, with someone like Jose Ramos making a lot of sense.

Pham would instantly provide the Dodgers a solid right-handed hitting option to play in left field. In 73 games this season, the former Padre is hitting .274 with an .838 OPS. He gets on base more against right-handed pitchers, but has a better slugging percentage (and OPS) against southpaws. He is someone who can play nearly every day, regardless of who is on the bump.

The Dodgers have been known to trade for veterans like Pham (remember David Freese) and with the Mets struggling, it makes sense to sell off an expiring asset for a prospect. With the injury now, the Dodgers may be able to get an even cheaper price than before.