3 Dodgers prospects that will eventually steal a roster spot in 2023

Los Angeles Dodgers Photo Day
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Opening Day is right around the corner and Los Angeles Dodgers fans now know who has made the Opening Day roster. It goes without saying that the roster on Opening Day is not going to be the same as the eventual playoff roster the team rolls out.

An MLB roster is an ever-changing thing and that is particularly true this season with the organization having so much young talent that is ready to make an impact. That young talent will eventually have to get a chance at the big-league level and current members of the roster will suffer because of it.

3 Dodgers prospects who will eventually steal a roster spot in 2023:

1. Michael Busch

Michael Busch is the definition of big-league ready as he raked at the highest level of the minors last season and really doesn't have anything else to prove down in AAA. At 25 years old, it is time for Busch to make the big-league club and prove that he can do against MLB pitching.

All that being said, Busch was still optioned to minor league camp by the Dodgers during spring training, forecasting a starting role with the OKC Dodgers to start the season. Instead of calling him up to be on the bench, the Dodgers likely want Busch to log more at-bats down in OKC.

A roster spot will eventually open due to injury and Busch will be the first minor league position player to benefit. Even if the injury occurs in the outfield, the Dodgers could get creative with the lineup and defensive positions to fit Busch in.

And once he is on the team, there is a chance that he out-produces regular members of the roster. Dave Roberts and co. will then have a tough decision to make.