Dodgers Rumors: Mike Trout trade update, LA getting beat on Tyler Glasnow?

Are things trending in the wrong direction for the Dodgers?
Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Angels
Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Angels / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

These Winter Meetings have been objectively boring. Right now, the lockout offseason is currently lapping this one, since at least that year we saw both Corey Seager and Max Scherzer sign megadeals before Dec. 1. This time around, we have Aaron Nola re-upping with the Phillies and a couple of weird Braves trades.

Once again, the Los Angeles Dodgers feel like they're on the outside looking in. The Toronto Blue Jays are a real threat in the Shohei Ohtani race, with the Giants and Angels joining the Dodgers as "finalists," too.

The Dodgers are also among the frontrunners for Yoshinobu Yamamoto, but the Yankees are perceived as the current favorites, with LA likely pivoting if Ohtani's market goes south. The Braves seemingly interrupted the Dodgers' pursuit of Dylan Cease on the trade market.

If you're a sadist, care to hear about two more developments trending down for the Dodgers? These aren't exactly the end of the world, but it makes you wonder a) what backup options they have left and b) what they're actually doing this offseason.

First off, the Angels came out and said during the Winter Meetings that Mike Trout will 100% not be traded. This one was a pipe dream for Dodgers over the last few months, and though we'll believe it when we see it, for the time being this is a roadblock for any potential high-profile backup plans in LA.

Dodgers Rumors: Mike Trout trade update, LA getting beat on Tyler Glasnow?

Trout's contract was a bit of a problem to inherit, but the Dodgers have to financial flexibility to do so, especially if they miss out on the top free agents. If the Angels lose Ohtani, there will be more of an incentive to trade Trout, so even though they're claiming it's not going to happen, it can't be ruled out until spring training begins.

But hey ... were those comments about Trout staying put an indication Ohtani might be re-signing in Anaheim? Oh please, no.

On the trade market, Cease has been the only viable link to the Dodgers. Where's the chatter about Corbin Burnes, Shane Bieber and Tyler Glasnow? The overall market on Burnes and Bieber has been quiet, but Glasnow's is getting started.

Many expected the Rays right-hander to be traded, and it appears the Cubs and Reds have reportedly jumped the Dodgers in line. Is anybody awake in LA's front office? This team needs at least starting pitchers, and two of them need to be ace-caliber.

All hope isn't lost here, either, but it's all just rather discouraging. Jon Heyman reported at the Winter Meetings that there are 4-5 "serious suitors" for Glasnow and multiple offers are already on the table. One of those could be the Dodgers, but again, there's been complete silence on that front.

Though we've previously advocated against a Glasnow trade, we're not going to neglect what the greater fanbase wants. He's a desired target and the Dodgers are nowhere to be found (unless they're lurking in the shadows).

The silence is largely a concern because of the last few offseasons the Dodgers have had. Outside of importing Freddie Freeman, the organization has done a downright poor job of getting the right players in the door and keeping others around since the end of the 2020 season.

It's at the point where the fans need proof to change their perspective and relinquish their frustrations. And it seems the wait will continue for a decent while.