Dodgers might be in trouble if Phillies-Juan Soto trade rumor has any veracity

The Dodgers don't need Juan Soto ... but they need pitching to get through the NL playoffs.

San Diego Padres v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Two
San Diego Padres v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Two / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Dodgers will more than likely be focusing their attention on pitching as the trade deadline approaches, since their starting rotation is in shambles and the bullpen has yet to convince fans it's ready to move past the various blowups that have occurred throughout the year.

It won't be an easy fix, either. The Dodgers are short multiple starters and multiple relievers. It will take at least three trades to fulfill their needs as the rest of the National League's contenders work to upgrade their rosters.

One team apparently ready to make a major splash is the Philadelphia Phillies, led by the wheeling and dealing Dave Dombrowski, who has orchestrated the acquisitions of Kyle Schwarber, Nick Castellanos, Brandon Marsh and Trea Turner, as well as the ousting of Joe Girardi, among other significant moves in recent years.

This time around, it's believed he might target San Diego Padres star Juan Soto at the trade deadline, which would essentially turn the Phillies into the 2019 Washington Nationals and further increase their chances of making another run to the Fall Classic this year.

Despite a slow start, Philadelphia has roared back, currently standing at 51-42 with one of the league's most prolific offenses. They could very well be considered a top-10 unit, and adding Soto into the mix would only make them more difficult to navigate, especially in the postseason.

Dodgers Rumors: Juan Soto trade buzz getting concerning for LAD

How does this affect the Dodgers? Well, in theory, the current NL contenders in the Braves, Phillies, Diamondbacks and Reds sport some of the most threatening offenses in the sport. If any of them manage to fortify that area of their rosters by Aug. 1, the Dodgers will need to almost double up their efforts to acquire the requisite pitching to keep pace.

"Could the Phillies ultimately be a fit for Juan Soto? It’s very early — he’s a year-and-a-half from free agency — but baseball people are envisioning Philadelphia as a spot that makes sense.

Soto has close ties from Nationals days with hitting coach Kevin Long. And with Bryce Harper, Trea Turner and Kyle Schwarber also there, the Phillies already have a distinct Nats flavor."

Jon Heyman, NY Post

Yes, the Phillies -- as most teams do -- "make sense" for Soto, one of the best young hitters in the history of the game. As Heyman noted, Soto hasn't been "himself" since arriving in San Diego, but he's still a massive asset in the middle of any team's lineup.

And think about Philly's situation for a second: the only below-average hitter in their lineup in the moment besides the expected Edmundo Sosa is Trea Turner. Think his bat will improve if he's padded with Soto joining Harper, Castellanos, Schwarber, JT Realmuto, Brandon Marsh, Alec Bohm and Bryson Stott?

OK, Philly, you lost us there, because you're not getting out of Turner's contract. And what classic Philly fandom it is to give up on a player new to the organization after three and a half months.

That's probably the worst part of all about this. Imagine how insufferable this city would be if Soto is added to the mix? All the more reason for the Dodgers to load up on as much pitching imaginable before Aug. 2.