Dodgers Rumors: Gleyber Torres Yankees trade is complete nonsense

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Yankees
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Yankees / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

Before the 2023 season began? Sure, it was probably fair to speculate about the New York Yankees moving Gleyber Torres, and the Los Angeles Dodgers were a logical fit if such conversations ever progressed.

Well ... logical-ish. Logical-esque.

Torres can't play shortstop. He's tried before (the entire 2021 season), and his defensive struggles threw him so far off his game offensively that it's taken nearly two years for him to recover. Hell, those defensive struggles are the root cause of his appearance on the trade market; the Yankees tried to clear Torres at the 2022 deadline in exchange for Pablo Lopez of the Marlins (per rumors), but couldn't get a deal across the finish line. Entering 2023, he continued floating on the open market for a bit, but nothing materialized.

Now, though? Now, Torres isn't going anywhere. The Yankees, not looking to sacrifice any offense after their bats deserted them last October, called up top prospect Anthony Volpe to play shortstop and installed Torres at second base semi-permanently to open 2023. So far, Torres has responded spectacularly, reaching Rickey Henderson territory thanks to his five steals/six walks on the opening homestand. He hit .421 with two bombs during the Yankees' two season-opening series.

Safe to say, while Bleacher Report's Brandon Scott believes adding Torres would help the Dodgers, he's not even close to available. The time to act was December.

Dodgers Rumors: Gleyber Torres not available. Sorry.

Any outlet covering this rumor semi-seriously is kidding themselves.

Also ... sorry, but is this seriously suggesting the Dodgers trade DH JD Martinez after a few weeks and acquire the unavailable Torres, because he both plays second and can DH? Logically sound, with just a few holes.

Imagine the Dodgers selling Martinez all offseason long on their faith in him, as well as the ability to reunite with his preferred hitting guru Robert Van Scoyoc, only for them to turn around and trade him one week into the 2023 season. "Sorry, JD! .231 with a bomb isn't good enough! Robert can't handle failure, you know that! Ah, well, don't let the door hit you."

Unfortunately, this Bleacher Report world salad is based on a foundation of jello -- and, worst of all, doesn't solve the Dodgers' shortstop depth issues. Rather, it provides the Dodgers with another infielder who shouldn't play shortstop, would boot Miguel Vargas off second base, and is closer to becoming a foundational piece for the Yankees than he is to hitting the trade market. But other than that!

Now ... the Dodgers trading a pitching prospect to the Yankees in exchange for Oswald Peraza? That sounds much more reasonable.