Dodgers seemingly made sneaky change to uniforms for 2023

Los Angeles Dodgers Photo Day
Los Angeles Dodgers Photo Day / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

When a franchise as storied as the Dodgers makes an alteration to their uniforms, it's massive news, no matter how seemingly minuscule the change is.

After all, Dodger Blue has endured since Ebbets Field. The script across the front has persisted since Dem Bums. The annual NL West champions getting a City Edition uniform was a massive disruption; otherwise, these clean white-and-blues have been mostly undisturbed for decades, outside of a few tweaks.

Based on 2023's Photo Day at Camelback Ranch, it seems the Dodgers tried to sneak another tweak past the goalie without announcing it prior to the season. And the assumed reason behind the switch is (sigh) pretty annoying.

Look a little barren? That's because the Dodgers jerseys worn on picture day have all deleted the "LA" logo on the left sleeve.

Possibly ... to clear room for a jersey patch sponsor? Say it ain't so...

Dodgers change jersey patches for 2023 MLB season

We know what you're thinking. If this is all for a sponsor patch, couldn't the Dodgers keep the interlocking "LA" cap logo on the left sleeve and slide the patch onto the right?

Unfortunately, MLB's intention is for the sponsor patch to always appear on a player's throwing arm for maximum exposure. That means it will alternate between right and left, and the cleanest way to do that is by clearing the sleeves of all other distractions.

Doing the opposite has resulted in some funkiness already; in order to make room for their Kroger patch, the Cincinnati Reds have been forced to turn their Mr. Redleg mascot sleeve patch in opposite directions, mirroring him and putting the "C" on the wrong side of his jersey. It's a small-scale disaster.

The only way we see for the Dodgers to save face here after removing "LA" from their jerseys is for them to choose a patch sponsor that's so quintessentially LA that the power of the city can't be denied. Canter's Deli? Guisados? Tender Greens? CBS' The Late Late Show With James Corden? The possibilities are endless.