Shohei Ohtani just bought Los Angeles mansion from a highly unexpected celebrity

Ohtani finally decided on where he going to be living while he is in the US playing for the Dodgers.
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Unless you have been living under a rock since the end of the 2023 season, you are probably aware that Shohei Ohtani is going to be playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers for a long time. The massive deal that Ohtani signed with LA will ultimately pay him $700 million, although a lot of that money is deferred through 2043.

Still, Ohtani inking such a long-term deal meant that it was probably a good idea that he set himself up with a house in the area, now that his financial and professional career is set in stone. Fortunately, Ohtani did just that, as he recently bought a nearly $8 million mansion in Los Angeles that was formerly owned by comedian Adam Carolla.

Dodgers News: Ohtani sets up roots with mansion purchase from famous comedian

First, a couple helpful tips for Ohtani before he moves in. Carolla was previously the host of The Man Show and Loveline, so we recommend a very deep cleaning before moving in, with special attention given to the bedrooms, the pool, and any other recreational areas in the house. Don't skimp on the disinfectant. Second, Carolla is selling the house after divorcing his wife, so just make extra sure there aren't any legal hangups there, because Ohtani already has enough legal drama he has had to deal with this year.

Jokes aside, the house honestly appears to be lovely. It has five bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms, along with a balcony, pool, movie theater, and a basketball court -- which should be great for Ohtani's wife, who is a former professional basketball player in Japan. Importantly, Ohtani should also only have around a 20 minute commute to Dodger Stadium which, given LA traffic, is a miracle.

For us mere mortals, an $8 million mansion is a luxury that we could only dream of. However, it is fun to think about what sort of crazy house Ohtani would have ended up with if he was actually getting all of his money up front, with Ellen DeGeneres' $38 million villa in Santa Barbara (which is also for sale) being a particularly gaudy thought.

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