Dodgers starting lineup of the all-time greats

1952 World Series - New York Yankees v Brooklyn Dodgers
1952 World Series - New York Yankees v Brooklyn Dodgers / Olen Collection/GettyImages
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Batting second for the Dodgers is second baseman Jackie Robinson

Behind Wheat is one of the most important men in MLB history, Jackie Robinson. He’ll be the second baseman for the all-time Dodgers lineup. Another member of Cooperstown, his career was short, yet impactful in immeasurable ways.

Robinson’s Dodgers numbers include a .311/.409/.474 slash line. He brings a bit more stolen base prowess to the lineup than Wheat. One could argue putting him atop this lineup; however, he does seem like a perfect fit for the number two spot in the order.

The right-handed hitting Robinson can even lay down the occasional sacrifice bunt. It’s something he led the league in twice during the early stages of his career.

Despite having such a short stint with the franchise, his 61.8 WAR ranks third among position players and just ahead of Wheat at 59.9.

A fine defender as well, Robinson ranks tenth all-time in Dodgers Defensive WAR. His ability to play second base and a few other positions, including first base and left field, adds more value to the team. Robinson was a well-rounded ball player who could do a little bit of everything well. He won’t have to carry this Dodgers lineup on his back. Right behind him, we have one of the greatest sluggers in franchise history.