Dodgers starting lineup of the all-time greats

1952 World Series - New York Yankees v Brooklyn Dodgers
1952 World Series - New York Yankees v Brooklyn Dodgers / Olen Collection/GettyImages
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Batting fourth for the Dodgers is catcher Roy Campanella

Roy Campanella is credited as being one of the best catchers in baseball history, and yet he gets overlooked in a lot of ways. He won three MVP Awards. Staggering them in 1951, 1953, and 1955, Campanella is one of the Dodgers greats and an absolute legend of the game.

All of his games were played in Brooklyn, with his final season coming in 1957. Campanella was only there for parts of 10 seasons, where he would go on to hit .276/.360/.500 with 242 home runs. His monster 1953 season was the peak of his career. While leading the league with 142 RBI, he slugged a personal best 41 home runs as well, all while slashing .312/.395/.611.

Because his career with the Dodgers was short, Campanella doesn’t own any statistical records for the organization. He is among some of the leaders, but falls short of several number one spots. This doesn’t negate him from being the best catcher in franchise history.

The only player close is maybe Mike Piazza. Another Hall of Fame player who was a threat at the plate, he suffers from spending some of his best years with the New York Mets. Not Campanella. He is Dodgers through and through -- and we can only imagine what he'd have contributed at the MLB level if he hadn't spent so many years dominating the Negro Leagues. It also doesn’t hurt that he won three MVPs.