Dodgers starting lineup of the all-time greats

1952 World Series - New York Yankees v Brooklyn Dodgers
1952 World Series - New York Yankees v Brooklyn Dodgers / Olen Collection/GettyImages
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Batting fifth for the Dodgers is first baseman Steve Garvey

Not everyone in this lineup can have residency in Cooperstown. Some guys, like Steve Garvey, should be there, but for some reason never got enough attention from the voters. He remains a constant candidate for enshrinement, and may one day get there.

Either way, he’s batting fifth and playing first base for the Dodgers. His stellar defense, offensive skills, and willingness to play every game possible should make him an automatic participant every time this dream Dodgers lineup takes the field.

Garvey won the 1974 MVP and was a regular contender for the honor throughout the 1970s thereafter (and even a little beyond). He batted .301/.337/.459 for the Dodgers. The only real complaint anyone can have about him is the low OBP. When you lead the league in hits, something he did twice, those qualities need to be pushed to the side.

Garvey surpassed 200 hits in a season six times with Los Angeles. He consistently hit over .300 and regularly reached triple digits in RBI. Put this guy behind Campanella in the Dodgers lineup, and there’s bound to be a crooked number on the scoreboard for them.

In the instances when he doesn’t knock in a run, expect him to save one with his glove in the top half of the next inning.

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