Dodgers starting lineup of the all-time greats

1952 World Series - New York Yankees v Brooklyn Dodgers
1952 World Series - New York Yankees v Brooklyn Dodgers / Olen Collection/GettyImages
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Batting seventh for the Dodgers is right fielder Dixie Walker

There are quite a few candidates for the right fielder role for the Dodgers. Dixie Walker seemed to stand out most. He was a bit of a late-bloomer who didn’t join the Dodgers until midway through the 1939 season in his age 28 season.

Walker would spend parts of nine seasons with the Brooklyn version of the ball club while batting .311/.386/.441. He hit 67 home runs in his 1,207 games, with the 13 he knocked in 1944 being his highest total. This was a year when he led the National League with a .357 batting average. The next season, he hit only .300, but drove in a league-high 124 runs.

Getting a .300+ season from Walker was a near guarantee. Only once in any of his full seasons with the Dodgers would he fail to reach that mark. He settled at .290 in 1942.

Walker did just miss out on winning a championship with the Dodgers. He was traded after the 1947 season to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Almost ineligible for this team because of how outspoken he originally was at the thought of integration in baseball, Walker did apologize later in life and admit he was wrong. Some claims of his include that he was afraid of losing his business in Alabama if he didn’t fight against it. Whatever the truth may be, his playing abilities earn him a spot here.