Dodgers wish Kolten Wong happy birthday after Game 2 and the replies are brutal

Terrible, terrible timing.
San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers
San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers / Harry How/GettyImages

Remember Kolten Wong? Small fella, hit some clutch singles in Milwaukee, somehow became so integral to the Dodgers' season after 30-odd at-bats that he took the most important AB of the year in Game 2? Yeah, yeah, you know him.

Wong became a stand-in for Dave Roberts' playoff managerial acumen on Monday night when the veteran skipper took the bat out of spark plug Miguel Rojas' hands and gave it to a barely-a-Dodger under the spotlight. James Outman's flailing failure might've ruined the team's momentum, but Wong was the foremost symbol of inadequacy and ineptitude, much of it falling on Roberts' shoulders.

And, oh, what do you know? It's Wong's birthday the very next day!

The Dodgers' social media manager's nightmare went off with only three or four hundred hitches on Tuesday, as a fan base full of screaming malcontents really gave it to both Wong and, by association, Shelby Miller, who also happens to be celebrating a birthday mid-series.

Dodgers wish second baseman Kolten Wong happy birthday after mysterious Game 2 appearance

Some posts were straight and to the point, refusing to evolve beyond, "F*** Kolten Wong." That's got to hurt Shelby Miller. Nobody wished for him to go f*** himself! But the Dodgers' aggrieved fans certainly didn't stop there.

One fan suggested a more blunt acknowledgement of the so-called "special" day, but without any bells and whistles. You know. Dwight Schrute-style.

That could work. Or maybe we could just reschedule Wong's birthday for a more appropriate date?

At least the team has plenty of fun activities planned.

Perfect. Who doesn't want to do hours of BP to celebrate the big 3-3? Maybe afterward, there'll be a rock climbing wall, laser tag, and borderline warm pizza!

Sadly, right as the "festivities" were starting to sound appealing, one Dodgers fan had to drop by the with biggest truth bomb of all.

Yay. Happy "birthday" to us. The Padres are tapping a seat on the couch, waiting for Brandon Pfaadt to work his magic.

Life is bleak. Everything ends someday. Eat at Arby's. "Happy birthday," Kolten and Shelby.