Dream Dodgers starting lineup for the 2024 season

The Dodgers are positioned to be one of the most impactful teams this offseason. What would things look like if everything went right?

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Batting fourth, Shohei Ohtani - DH

Alright, this is where things get fun. It is the worst kept secret, if it is a secret at all, that the Dodgers are going to be making a run at signing Ohtani this offseason. LA reset their luxury tax penalties and arranged their entire payroll to be able to be in the running for his services. It isn't hard to see why they would be so motivated to nab him, as he is a once-in-a-generation talent that, in theory, is a frontline starter and top flight power bat all rolled up in one player.

The only issue here is Ohtani's injury and how it could impact how big his final contract ends up being. We don't care about money for this list whatsoever, but it is fair to wonder just how high the Dodgers ($) are actually willing to go for Shohei, especially since he won't be pitching at all in 2024. This also isn't his first elbow injury, and that has to be a little spooky (and is one reason why he is only hitting fourth in this lineup).

Batting fifth, Jorge Soler - LF

Going into the offseason, one area of need for the lineup is someone to play left field. LA made it work in 2023 rotating Chris Taylor, David Peralta, and others in left, but the results left a bit to be desired. For this lineup, turning to the free agent pool and looking for a right-handed masher that could spell Ohtani at DH as he gets full healthy is the plan, and Jorge Soler fits the bit perfectly.

Soler's 2022 season in Miami was not great and he was banged up, but he turned things around in 2023 in a big way with an .853 OPS in 580 plate appearances with 36 home runs. Soler just obliterates baseballs, plain and simple. He is not a perfect hitter and will definitely never be in the running for a batting title, but he does draw some walks and can take over games single-handedly. For a No. 5 hitter, he would be an absolute luxury.