Dream Dodgers starting lineup for the 2024 season

The Dodgers are positioned to be one of the most impactful teams this offseason. What would things look like if everything went right?
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Batting sixth, Max Muncy - 3B

The Dodgers are going to be paying Max Muncy $7 million next season before having to realistically start thinking about any decisions about his future in LA down the line. However, assuming he can remember how to post a batting average a bit further north of .200 next season, even his $10 million club option for 2026 could look like a steal, and his power from the left side will be perfect behind Soler here.

With only Matt Chapman being remotely interesting from the free agent market, and the fact that Chapman cratered in the second half at the plate in 2023, we'll stick with Muncy for now. He still walks a ton, and having a guy who is basically a lock to hit 35+ homers in the sixth spot in the lineup has a ton of value. This decision could go south, especially if Max's hit tool issues get worse, but there is too much upside here to pass up.

Batting seventh, James Outman - CF

Some consideration here needs to be given to the future, and it sure seems like James Outman is going to be a big part of the next several years for the Dodgers. Having back to back lefties in the lineup isn't "ideal" per se, but the free agent market for right-handed centerfielders is pretty abysmal, and Outman showed a lot of promise in 2023 after dominating in the minor leagues during the 2022 season.

The youngster did tail off a bit for LA as the 2023 season went on after a hot start, but no one should be upset about a rookie season where he hit 23 homers and posted a .790 OPS. The crazy thing is that he hasn't come close to reaching his potential at the plate yet, and his nine Outs Above Average in the outfield give the Dodgers two plus or better defenders out there when you include Mookie in right everyday.