FOCO Releases Limited Time Exclusive Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead


Los Angeles Dodger fans, our friends at FOCO have continued to release amazing bobbleheads over the years, and have just dropped a brand new collection of bobbleheads never seen before by the FOCO team!

The Shohei Ohtani Dubblz Bobblehead stands at 8” and is both handmade and hand painted. This collectible is perfect for any diehard fan and casual alike, and makes the perfect addition to any collection, desk, or fan cave.

It features Ohtani holding a bobblehead of himself. Amazing stuff.


Unlike other collections by FOCO, however, the new Dubblz collection is a limited time offering that will only be live for 72 hours, so make sure you get your bobblehead by Friday (January 26, 2024) at 11:00am EST, or you may never be able to get it again!

FOCO takes their time on each individual bobblehead to make sure they are expertly crafted to a fans liking. With officially licensed branding and a passion to create the most intricate/unique bobbleheads on the market, FOCO continues to amaze fan bases with their collectibles.

This Shohei Ohtani bobblehead is no different, which stands at 8'' tall at a price point of only $60.

Where to find more Los Angeles Dodgers Gear?

The bobblehead above is just a sampling of the full selection of Dodgers merchandise offered by FOCO. If you don’t like what you see above, check out hundreds of additional options with FOCO’s full Dodgers catalog

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