Giants' attempt to revive another former Dodgers pitcher will likely fail

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Less than a month into the season, the Dodgers have been able to mark a couple of prospect success stories. One has come right at home in Andy Pages, who hit his first MLB home run on Sunday night to cap off a 10-run game against the Mets. The other has been much more painful; halfway across the country, Michael Busch (No. 4 in the Dodgers' pipeline last year), has displayed dominance as an everyday Cub that has been rough for Dodgers fans to watch.

But not every prospect can be a winner, and despite the agony of watching Busch tie a Cubs record for consecutive home runs less than 20 games into the season, fewer Busches have walked away from the Dodgers than have, say, Mitch Whites.

White was a second-round draft pick for LA in 2016 and peaked at No. 4 in their pipeline in 2018 before slowly slipping down the rankings and ultimately being traded to the Blue Jays in exchange for prospects Nick Frasso and Moises Brito. To say that White could never find his footing in Toronto might be an understatement, and now he's headed back to the NL West to LA's greatest historical foe in San Francisco.

Giants trade for former Dodgers top prospect in futile hopes of a bounce back

White got the most innings of his career in 2022, with 99 split between LA and Toronto. He came up through the minors as a starter and played that role for the majority of his appearances in 2022. He was better over 10 starts with the Dodgers than his eight with the Blue Jays, but his 3.70 ERA in LA couldn't save him from a trade. When he got to Toronto, his ERA ballooned to 7.74 over 43 innings.

He was kicked back to the bullpen between trips back down to Triple-A, where he also continued to struggle. All told, he pitched 65 2/3 innings for the Blue Jays at the major league level for a 7.26 ERA.

The Giants sent cash to Toronto in exchange for White, who was DFA'ed on April 16, which usually means that a player is on his very last legs. He was immediately sent to the Giants' Triple-A team in Sacramento, where they'll be hoping to facilitate the comeback of the century, but all signs point to that being a lost cause.

Things worked out for the Dodgers regardless. Frasso, though out for the season, it's the team's current top pitching prospect.