Grading every Dodgers trade from the 2023 deadline

The dust has settled and Dodgers fans might be upset with the results of the 2023 trade deadline.

Cincinnati Reds v Los Angeles Dodgers
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Dodgers grade for Kiké Hernandez trade: B-

The first substantial move the Dodgers made was trading for an old fan favorite in Kiké Hernandez. Hernandez has struggled immensely the last two seasons and the Dodgers saw an opportunity to buy low and potentially fix whatever's been going wrong.

On paper, this doesn't seem like that big of an acquisition with Hernandez being a negative WAR player before the trade, but for the price the Dodgers paid it was worthwhile. Los Angeles essentially traded two AAA relievers who were not going to be in the postseason bullpen for someone with a career .900 OPS in the playoffs. Can't argue with that swap.

In most cases, this kind of trade would warrant a C+ since it's not guaranteed to work for the Dodgers. But because Hernandez has familiarity here and has delivered for the team on the biggest stage before, the trade should be viewed favorably.

Dodgers grade for Amed Rosario trade: C+

The Amed Rosario trade is very similar as the Dodgers traded a pitcher who was not part of the team's plans (Noah Syndergaard). Both Rosario and Syndergaard struggled before the trade with the two respective teams hoping they can unlock something in each of the players they acquired.

Rosario has his concerns. His advanced fielding metrics are horrible and his overall offensive numbers are not pretty. However, he hits left-handed pitching fairly well and that's what the Dodgers needed to address to set up proper platoons. Passing grade.