Grading every Dodgers trade from the 2023 deadline

The dust has settled and Dodgers fans might be upset with the results of the 2023 trade deadline.
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Dodgers grade for Joe Kelly, Lance Lynn trade: C-

This is a huge risk by the Dodgers with a chance to really work out and receive a much higher grade ... or blow up in the team's face and become a failing grade. Los Angeles traded one of its lauded pitchers from the Tulsa Drillers in Nick Nastrini to make this deal happen, and that could come back to bite them.

Nastrini likely did not have a path to being a starter with the Dodgers and would've been pigeon-holed in the bullpen, so it makes sense to capitalize on his value. But trading him in this kind of deal instead of saving him for something bigger at the deadline could be a mistake.

Kelly is a fan favorite, but at best he's a slightly above-average middle reliever. Let's not forget about all the heart attacks he induced on the mound for the Dodgers in the past. Lynn is a big name that has been really good before, but has statistically been just as bad as Syndergaard this season.

If the Dodgers make Lynn work and he becomes reliable, then it's a solid trade. But there's also a world in which they trust him to start in the playoffs and he melts down, ending the team's season as a result.

Dodgers grade for Ryan Yarbrough trade: B

The best grade the Dodgers receive is for a minimal trade that was right at the buzzer. The Dodgers traded Devin Mann and Derlin Figueroa, two minor league infielders, for starting pitcher Ryan Yarbrough. Neither Mann or Figueroa had a real path to playing in LA, so shipping them off to Kansas City for some pitching help was certainly a smart move.

A swingman, Ryan Yarbrough's numbers don't jump off the page (4.24 ERA, 1.196 WHIP) but there's a lot of value in adding him to the staff. He's someone who can pitch multiple innings out of the pen (51 innings in 14 games this year) and can even make the occasional spot-start for the Dodgers.

Plus, there are some really promising advanced metrics there with Yarbrough that are worth mentioning. Per Baseball Savant, the southpaw ranks in the 94th percentile in average exit velocity, the 92nd percentile in hard-hit rate, the 98th percentile in walk rate, and the 85th percentile in chase rate.

Yarbrough is a contact pitcher through and through, and with a solid defense behind him in pitcher-friendly Dodger Stadium, he could end up being very serviceable.